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uttate in forestdoll

Mori Girls, Natural Kei & Dolly Kei MODELS WANTED for Anime North 2011 !!!!!

 I'll be organizing a panel for  Anime North 2011 and I am looking to have a fashion show to demonstrate as many styles as I can! I have registered the panel asking for Saturday midday (there is not guarantee I will get that slot)
So if you are coming to Anime North and you like any of these 3 styles keep reading!

What am I looking for in potential models?

Please do ONE of the following a) email me the information below with the title INTO THE WOODS MODEL APPLICATION at na_olivier@laurentian.ca  or b) post a comment below
Note: comments will be screened 

Age: (I may at some point need to know if you are a minor, which is why I ask)
Phone Number to contact you while at Anime North?
Will you be available 1-1.5 hour prior the panel?

Do you have a fully coordinated outfit?
What styles/coordinates would you be wearing? 
Outfit breakdown (handmade/brands/extra details)?
Please provide a photo or two of your outfit in question:

a)Do you have any extras to lend? *Not necessary, only if you are feeling generous
b)Are you looking to borrow an outfit?
(If yes to the last 2 questions please fill out below)

a) Clothing Measurements
Other if applicable

b)Body Measurements


I am also testing the waters for this. Would models ok with the idea of paying 1$-2$? Why? I usually  make printable list of information for guest as well as small pamphlets for models to give away to anyone prior to the convention (will contain panel name,date & info) and I usually give away treats or anything like that (guest and models alike). I currently have 4 panels to take care of and this might cost me quite a lot therefore the 1$ to 2$ will cover some of the cost. All the money will be used to the panels.
EDIT: Apparently I might be able to get a small budget so I will look into this 

I don't have a set limit for number of models--I'd like to get as many models as possible, and adjust the timing accordingly.  All ages, races, sizes or genders are welcome you are as long as you can wear the fashion and rock it! I do not plan to arrange for hair and makeup services models will need to do their own styling. You will need an Anime North 2011 badge (for that day or that weekend) in order to participate. And please do commit to being punctual.