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piece_of_cake24 in forestdoll


Name: Elizabeth
Username: piece_of_cake24
Location: Downtown Toronto
Personal Links: Don't have any.

Years in the fashion (optional): Strictly Mori...maybe this past year in terms of layering. I tend to already buy/lean towards cream, white, beige colour clothing in general. Along the lines of Grimoire-style, I'm new to the name but I've been dressing in vintage/folk all my life from having shopped at thriftstores and vintage shops since I was a kid. I also come from Polish/Hungarian/Chilean descent so my family has given me lots of neat hand-me downs from the "mother country."

How did you find out about these fashions: I had seen evolving traces of the fashion (more so with folk wear) in an 2006 issue of the Japanese magazine, Zipper. Then I came across Spoon magazine this past summer in San Fransisco and learned more about the style from the Loli girls there. One of them started a blog and posts great pics for inspiration. Check it out!  http://miraclecreptby.tumblr.com/

What do you like about the fashion: With Mori I like how regardless of the style filtering into brand stores in Japan as they attempt to commercialize  it, one can still hit up a vintage/thrift store and buy things to create an individual unique look. Overall its versitle, comfortable, soft & pretty, plus its a great alternative to Lolita for spring/summer wear. Less layers? maybe not, but definitely a lack of socks and poof.
I want to get more into the Dolly Kei. From reading about it on various web sites I realized it works with my existing wardrobe and personality. I collect fairy tale books and admire the beautiful artistry in some of them. Notably, illustrator Adrienne Segur. His drawings are so rich in colour and detail, I would love to wear clothes that reflect the same pallet. Plus, back home in the US I am surrounded by woods and natural beauty.

Your Style of choice: Dolly Kei & Mori Girl for now.

Favourite Brand(s): Only one that comes to mind are Gunne Sax dresses. Free People does a lot boho chic but definitely has some things which translate to Dolly Kei/Mori styles.

Short introduction about yourself and anything related: I'm living in Toronto for school right now. I attend University of Toronto, earning an MA in Museum Studies. I did my undergrad in history at Cape Breton University in Sydney NS. My permanent residence is in Vermont but I have dual citizenship which allows me to hop the border. I finish my degree this year and will go back home the US to work at my old job in New Hampshire with the National Parks. I'm a Park Ranger and yes...I wear the Smokey The Bear hat.
I'm hoping to do another MA in two years (after I've saved some $$) it would be for Fashion Curation at London College of Fashion in the UK. I love the idea of someday curating exhibitions about Japanese fashion. Dream job!
When school ends and I get my life back... I will return to other things I enjoy, primarily French & Indian War re-enacting. I go to events mostly in New England, wear period attire, camp, fight in battles with a musket, and geek out with other history nerds. When I'm not doing that I'll be hanging with friends watching anime or out hiking. There's not much to do in rural VT except outdoors stuff, so its a great place for being a Mori girl.
I don't know anyone in my immediate area into Japanese fashion so I might be going solo on that for awhile. I hope to still be part of this community even when I go back home to keep in touch and share cool finds. Plus, if any of you are passing through New England or VT let me know, I would love to show you around.

Found these vids, thought they offer some light background info and clarification on Grimoire/Mori style.



about time you post LOL hey btw your YT vids aren't click able :)
LOL the other community consumes me lately cuz of the tea business.
I tried to make the links clickable but they kept redirecting incorrectly. Not sure why.
WOW! You are a park ranger?!?!?!?! I never kneeeeeeeewwwwww. You know, if you wanted that sort of job in Canada it’s quite attainable. Why? A couple years ago we had a solicitation visit from Parks Canada (Federal and Provincial level) and the average Parks Canada employee is 45-60 years old. They were soliciting Environmental Studies students to apply.

You rock. It’s interesting to see your education is so diverse. That’s always nice. :) Welcome to the community!