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astrosnik in forestdoll


Name: marta
Username: astrosnik
Location: Barrie
Personal Links: -
Years in the fashion (optional): just beginning
How did you find out about these fashions: I originally encountered it amongst BJD/Momoko clothing, and then human-sized in association with lolita fashion
What do you like about the fashion: I love all the textures and layers! It's a more sophisticated version of my casualwear.
Your Style of choice: -
Favourite Brand(s): -
3 Favourite Mori/Natural/Dolly pictures: -
Pictures of yourself:
I don't have any dressed in mori style, so you get a steampunkish outfit instead:

Short introduction about yourself and anything related:
Uhm, I've lived in Canada about 4+ years now. I enjoy hiking, snowshoeing and various outside-y activities, but my other half does not. I work in a fabric store so I do a TON of sewing. I especially enjoy making accessories; handbags, jewelry, scarves... One of my missions is to eventually learn to knit, but it's been slow progress because I'm left-handed and its difficult to find material aimed towards that.


Hi Marta! What type of tutorial have you been looking at for knitting? if it's a video or photos, have you thought of just flipping them and to observe it that way?

Welcome by the way!