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Candy Fairy

oniwitch in forestdoll

Mori Girl Handmade Creations

So, here are the pictures I collected from someone's Tumblr that inspired me for the hat. Unfortunately, the pictures get cut-off because of the layout constrictions but you can see full pictures from my personal blog (link below):

Here is my creation inspired by these pretty hats (my mom does the crocheting of flowers for me):



Most of these I've determined to be fit samples for my Etsy.

Here are some of my other latest creations:


Side Headbow, Headpiece, and a Convertable Necklace to Brooch thing.


Some of the pictures get cut off because of the layout. Woops. You can see more of my stuff on my personal blog: Quaintrella including coordinates that I have yet to post here. :)


The side-bow piece is really cute! I really like how you worked the feathers too.
Thanks, other Sonia. :D


OH MY GOSH - oniwitch, your creations are absolutely *gorgeous*!!! I can't get over it!!! *squee* ^_^; I wish I could make stuff like that... Can you post your Etsy store link? I must favourite it!

Actually there are some workshops coming up at Nathalie-Roze, maybe I'll sign up for one. http://www.facebook.com/pages/Nathalie-Roze-Co/114745211928654

I'll list them here in case others in Toronto might be interested:
~ Needle Felting/flowers & figures - Sat. Feb. 26th (11-2)
~ Renegade Resin/magnets & jewellery - Sat. Feb. 26th (2:30 - 5)
~ Beginner Sewing/Eco-Totes - Sun. Feb. 27th (11 - 2)
~ Fab Fascinators/feather & fabric hairbands - Sat. March 5th (11-2)
~ LINO-Block Printing on Fabric - Sun. March 6th (11-2)

Ahh, some of them are on the weekend of the so_lolita meetup, that's too bad... I'm sure they'll repeat again, though! I would love to learn to get crafty.

Re: *Amazing*!!!

HA HA HA! You should see my next batch. They are a lot more wearable and epic. I’ll be posting them today on at least 3 communities.

They aren’t on my Etsy or Blog yet. Yet, they are on my FB Fanpage: But here are my links.

http://quaintrella.blogspot.com (personal blog)

Yes! Nathalie-Roze is an awesome place to learn such things. Never been but I hear good things about such studios all the time. If you do get crafty! Please, contribute pictures here!~