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piece_of_cake24 in forestdoll

Potential Meet Up


I was going to suggest this to the So Loita crowd but somehow it seems more fitting for this community. Granted anyone can go of course, just thought this might be fun plus it has the whole garden/forest-fairy tale aesthetic thing going on. Would anyone be interested in going to see The Secret Garden musical? It's playing at the Royal Alexandra Theatre until March 19th. It's a bit costly for nice seats, cheaper for sitting in the balcony. They also offer $25 rush tickets for students if you show up two hours before the show. I think that's the only way I could afford to go. xD



I would love to go...but it might conflict with another meet. D: But, you should post it on So_Lolita and leave the dressing portion open to other sister styles like this one. :) When do you leave Toronto officially?
I leave Toronto end of April. I have to be back to work in May. I'm bummed out for missing Anime North and other events, especially meetups in the summer.
I'll be back for graduation in June and again in November for an exhibition opening. So hopefully I can reconnect with the community if time permits.
looks cool but your link is broken :P same on so_lolita
sigh...not sure what to do about that, I don't know what I'm doing wrong. I mean, all I do is copy paste it right into the link thingy and it supposed to hot link it right? arrrg. >0
Ok, I think I fixed it. I tried them and they both work for me. ??