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Candy Fairy

oniwitch in forestdoll

New Mori Girl Necklace Designs


I’ve been busy crafting a ton. Partially for an upcoming anime convention I am selling at and for my brand (Marionette Atelier) marionetteatelier.etsy.com where I have a tendency to spend a significant amount of time thinking over designs, testing them out, then doing a massive update every couple of months. Been on a Mori Girl craze lately but I know I have to move on to Lolita, Gothic, and Dolly Kei before I get too bored. So, here are my recent results for necklaces. I have a lot more designs but they intrude into other genres. I’m still finishing up headdress-brooches and fur accessories. Those will be up in a day or two. 


For those who enjoy detailing and complexity.

And those who enjoy simplicity.









If anyone is interested in these just PM me. I’ll be posting them on the Mori_Girl_Sales Community tonight or tomorrow! If you want to see more of my work just check out my personal blog below! Thanks, for looking. 

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